Michel Klein 


Upcoming Performances 


4/23: Performance of "Song of Songs" at UCLA Ostin Rehearsal room at 1 p.m.

5/23: World Premiere of Michel's "Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano" at the UCLA Graduate Composition Concert Schoenberg Hall 8 p.m.





Michel Klein is an LA-based composer currently attending UCLA for his Ph.D in music composition. He has studied with David Lefkowitz, Ian Krouse, and is currently studying with Richard Danielpour. Prior to UCLA, Michel attended Ithaca College where he received his B.M. in composition with piano emphasis and studied with Dana Wilson and Sally Lamb. After graduating, Michel spent a year traveling and studying at a Jewish theological seminary in Israel. In his music, Michel seeks to tap into and express his Jewish roots through a unique musical voice by fusing various elements of contemporary music and traditional Jewish sacred musical material. While in UCLA, Michel has experimented with what he calls “Sacred Performance Art” collaging various sonic materials found in traditional Jewish worship through contemporary forms of performance practice. His work has been read by ensembles such as Wild Up! and the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble and has been performed by the Syrinx Collective, the Bay Area-based Celloscape Collective, and at the Music from Salem Cello Seminar.